Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good-byes and Boxes

My days are filled with good-byes and boxes right now.
And gratitude and guilt.
Grateful for relationships that make good-byes difficult.
Guiltful for boxes that remind me I have too much stuff;
no matter how much I purge, it weighs me down.

There is incongruity in this moving on of mine.
I pack up the stuff that doesn’t really matter all that much,
taking it with me to a new place
where it won’t really matter all that much.
And I leave behind what matters the most.  

How I wish I could abandon the insignificant 
And pack up the people I love,
transporting them into my new life.  
Instead I continue to say good-bye to people who matter
And pack boxes with stuff that doesn’t. 

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  1. This is so good...and really reflects what I'm feeling as I prepare for my final Sunday in the pulpit at First Lutheran Church in Albemarle...Love the last two true.


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