Sunday, April 29, 2012

Journey to the Center of the Universe

Is it all about me?
Am I the center of the universe?
What if my life isn’t driven by what I need, what I want, what makes me happy?
What if I stop trying to be the fixer of all that is broken?
What if I renounce my need to be perfect or moral or right?
What if I release my agenda for me: my hurts, my expectations, my desires?
What if I stop forcing reality to be the way I want it to be and forgive my reality for being what it is?
What if I am not set apart from the rest of the world, but a part of it?
What if I see myself, not through my own eyes, but through the eyes of God?
What if it isn’t all about me?

Is it all about you?
Are you the center of the universe?
What if I no longer need to compare and differentiate myself from you to know who I am?
What if I don’t have to feel superior to you to feel worthwhile?
What if I find no pleasure in evaluating what’s good or bad about you?
What if I stop expecting you to be who I need you to be and allow you to be who you are?
What if, before I try to change you, I allow you to change me?
What if you being you isn’t a threat to me being me?
What if it isn’t all about you?

Is it all about us?
Are we the center of the universe?
What if we don’t need to align ourselves with those who are like us to feel secure?
What if we release our need to be the best or the richest or the most powerful?
What if we see that our way isn’t the only way?
What if people in all places and times are a part of our communion, even if we don’t know their names?
What if we recognize that all people are God’s children, no matter how they may understand God?
What if it isn’t all about us?

Is it all about them?
Are they the center of the universe?
What if we find it unnecessary to define ourselves as people who are not them?
What if we no longer blame them for our own failures?
What if we stop trying to defend ourselves against them?
What if we release the resentment we have toward them?
What if we recognize that when they express their true selves, it doesn’t threaten our true selves in any way?
What if we let go of our need to declare that they are wrong so we can be right?
What if it isn’t all about them?

If it isn’t all about me, or you, or us, or them… is it all about God?
Is God the center of the universe?
What if we allow God to be who God really is, instead of who we need God to be?
What if my true identity isn’t defined by how I am a person like no other, but it’s found in a God who created me in the divine image, just like everyone else?
What if we are in God, and God is in us?
What if we stop expecting God to answer our prayers, and our lives become God’s answer to prayer?
What if God is bigger than one person, one religion, one country, one way of seeing the world?
What if each of us is a small piece of God’s presence in the world?
What if it’s all about God being in ALL, and ALL being in God?

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Sylvia said...

Loved your post today and I used part of it in my blog. I did give you credit but if you want me to take it off, please let me know.

I subscribe to Tiny Buddha, a daily email and today's meditation seemed on par with your questions.

I enjoy your blog.