Saturday, July 2, 2011

God’s Cleverly Disguised Transportation System

Faced with a decision along the path,
I chose the wrong way.
Stumbling and tumbling downward,
engulfed in darkness,
my hands disappear before my face.
Into what hole have I fallen?

Musty wet walls on either side of me,
a tunnel twisting before me,
I crawl through inky soup,
feeling my way forward
...or perhaps backwards
...or perhaps sideways.
My direction disturbed
Moving into the void
How will I find my way out of of this cave?

Suddenly I am violently vomited
from my place of despair.
Tangled in seaweed
Strewn among the scattered shells
Sand scraping my back
Cheeks seared by the sun
What hole heaves with such force?
What cave careens upward?

This is not the path I traveled
before descending into darkness.
It is a place I have never seen before.
Had I been stuck in hole or cave,
emerging, I would find myself
exiting the same space
where once I had entered.
Instead, I am transported
by my tomb.

How could I know that I had been traveling
inside the belly of a whale?

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