Saturday, February 19, 2011

Should I Be Concerned?

If I’m at home doing housework on a beautiful Saturday morning in February and I get overheated and take off my t-shirt and continue to work in my bra, should I be concerned? If, sometime later, I see the mail delivered and walk out to the mailbox, should I be concerned? If I sort through my mail and go back to my housecleaning, moving next to the bathroom, and if I look in the mirror and notice that I’m shirtless, in my bra, and suddenly realize that I walked out to the mailbox and back like that… I’m just wondering, if I should do something like that… should I be concerned?

I could blow it off the same way I did when I picked up a sheet cake I had ordered at Harris Teeter and walked out of the store without paying for it. Or the way I did when I went to a drive through, paid my money at the first window and drove off without stopping to pick up my food at the second window. (And I have done this, not once, but a half-dozen times, at least.) Or I could blow it off the way I did when I headed off to work in the morning and ended up in the parking lot of my former church two years after I stopped working there. I tell myself it’s nothing to be concerned about because I am an interior kind of person. Most of what’s going on in my life is happening within me, where I’m thinking deep thoughts. Okay, sometimes they’re not so deep. But they’re thoughts. And they seem to supersede whatever is going on in the world around me.

But then again, perhaps these interior-superseding moments are a part of the growing body of evidence that my children can collect and one day use to have me sent away somewhere so they can take my vast fortune from me. Should I be concerned?


jimbobway said...

Sounds like my ADD which I was not diagnosed with till 2008. I have a medication that helps me collate my mental data better now so I know what I am doing right now and I am not lost in the next thought.
My best description of this kind of thought process is my mind is like a bird dog wanting to chase every passing thought which leaves a lot of things incomplete. Even with medication if I am not properly rested I can still have some scattered days.
So that's my 2 cents worth. Had it not been for my sister going through the same thing and making this point to me I might have been still trying to figure why I didn't multitask like everybody else.

Stacy said...

If you're worried about the early onset of that awful ailment that shall go unnamed here ... don't. Perhaps your pace of life is the explanation.

Or, more likely, you're right. You're deep in thought (whether or not the thoughts themselves are deep). Deep in thought, conversing with God, whatever.

Thanks for sharing this bit of fun with the rest of us!

Karen said...

From what I hear, if this is similar to things you've been doing all your life, you should not be concerned. If this is new behavior, you should consult your doctor. The way he explained it to me is this - if you are aware that you're doing these things, then you're okay:-)

Anonymous said...

Only if THANK-YOU !!! notes are left on your doorstep !!!

Peggy Yingst said...

Nancy,Don't be concerned, you sound h u m a n .
And I love reading your blogs.