Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Assembly - Day 2

Highlights of Tuesday -
  • Singing for voting members as they entered the convention center bright and early this morning. We sounded pretty damn good for people who were singing in their sleep.
  • The continuing wise leadership of Bishop Mark Hanson and his delightful wit; he actually makes doing the business of the church fun.
  • Listening to voting members discuss the Human Sexuality Statement being proposed., lined up at the microphones for and against. How can something that seems so innocuous to me inspire such ire among so many? I don't get it.
  • When it came time to discuss the proposal for a new initiative to fight Malaria in Africa, I almost checked out. So glad I stuck around. It was our church at its absolute finest. Among those gathered, I was amazed to learn how many of them had personal stories about the devastation of malaria from the time they have spent serving/living in other parts of the world. That's the blessing of diversity within our church. Such a broad range of experiences strengthening the Body of Christ. What powerful stories. I hope we really back this initiative.
  • Singing "Just a Closer Walk" with a whole lotta soul at worship today.
  • At an educational event this evening ELCA pastors in same gender relationships and their families had the opportunity to share their stories with us. I can't imagine the excitement they must be feeling right now and am praying that soon our church will embrace their gifts for ministry without reservation.
  • Enjoying the city of Minneapolis. Able to walk everywhere. Beautiful weather, dining outside. I only got lost three times today, which is an improvement.

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